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Cat Boarding in Dallas: Yea, or No Way?

Dallas Woman weighs in on a recent decision to forgo leaving a cat with strangers.

Welcome, Pixie

Behold: Pixie, the newest addition to the Dallas House Cats registry.

Pixie lives in East Dallas and enjoys, among other things: being a good girl, fostering a positive self-image, and saying hello.

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Overheard in Dallas

“Wait a minute. He’s referring to himself in the third kitty?”

It’s All in the Details

Biped 1: he found his string!
Biped 2: where was it?
Biped 1: i don’t know but it’s now in front of my dresser and it wasn’t before
Biped 2: that’s not his string.
Biped 2: that’s the string from your sweatshirt.
Biped 1: it’s not?
Biped 1: oh
Biped 1: ok in that case i’ll pick it up
Biped 2: i thought the same thing when i saw it this morning.
Biped 2: i even briefly considered picking it up.
Biped 1: i’m pleased to know you are aware of the detailed characteristics of all strings about the house
Biped 1: “that string goes in my gray sweater”
Biped 1: “no. that’s a string for the light brown blanket”

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